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<접시 그림>은 플라스틱 접시 뒷면에 아크릴로 제작한 3점의 그림이다. 이 그림은 플라스틱 라탄무늬 휴지통을 산 다이소Daiso에 다시 갔을 때 마주한 또 다른 플라스틱 물건, 플라스틱 접시에서 시작한다. 다이소에서 발견한 플라스틱 접시는 누가 봐도 액자처럼 보였다. 플라스틱 물건에서 다른 무언가로 넘어갈 가능성을 마주친 것만 같아 이 접시 또는 액자에 그림을 그렸고, 그 결과는 성공적이었다.

Masterpieces of Plates are composed of three-piece paintings painted with acrylic on the back of a plastic plate. These paintings began with another plastic thing, a plastic plate, that I discovered when I went back to Daiso, where I bought the plastic rattan trash-can.

The back of the plastic plate found in Daiso (home goods store like Poundland in the UK) seemed like a frame to whoever saw it. Also, I decided to paint on a plate because this object looked like it had the possibility of changing its identity as a plastic object to something else. Then, the results were successful.

These paintings were painted by the process of pouring gel medium thickly behind a plate and mixing paint with the gel medium on the plate before hardening.

As I see them, the charming point of these paintings is the embossed "Made in China," which is subtly visible in the centre of the paintings. This point reveals the fact that all the elements making up Masterpieces of Plates are plastic.

Masterpieces of Plates


Acrylic on plastic plate,

26.5 X 18 X 2.1 cm,

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